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"Naturopath with heart and soul

The Italian born Swiss naturopath Natale Ferronato has added a strong and important momentum to natural medicine not only in Switzerland but far beyond. Who ever saw him at work with pathophysiognomics developed by him and with the biotensor is deeply impressed by a personality who has always gone his own way against all obstacles and strokes of fate and who deserves the name naturopath in every sense"

(From an interview by Hans-Peter Studer; Feb. 2008. See the complete article)



Natale Ferronato - A life time with pathophysiognomics

Natale Ferronato was born in 1925 in Milan and grew up in Zurich. His mother was a nurse - a fact which brought Natalino in early contact with sick people. The patients told his mother about all their afflictions and little Natale soon discovered a relation between the illnesses and the corresponding face colours.

As a young man, he received early directions through the studies of Huter's theory of psychophysiognomics. A severe accident thwarted his desired career as a physician (1955, posttraumatic epilepsy). Thanks to the help of a homeopathic and anthroposophic doctor in Zurich, he recovered finally after an eight-year treatment..

In the meantime, Natale Ferronato had founded a family and established a company dealing with the production and marketing of grinding wheels for the stone industry. A second severe accident (1968, late effect: hemiplegia) forced him to hand over the management of his society to his wife. During stays at a health resort in Wiesen near Davos in the Grisons he got to know the efficiency of natural medications for the second time. By and by, he could heal his hemiplegia.

This recovery led him back to the medical science. He resumed his autodidactic studies and devoted himself exclusively to natural healing and his pathophysiognomics.

In 1993 he founded a naturopathic school which he closed end of 2007 because of his age. Participants at these courses which he conducted besides his medical practice were not only "ordinary persons" interested in natural medicine in general and in pathophysiognomics in particular but also hundreds of doctors. Many of them use Natale Ferronato's method for the purpose of diagnostics.

These days Natale Ferronato vows himself to the study of plants (phytotherapy); he researches in his laboratory, distils and extracts plants some of which he even brought back from several trips to the Brazilian primeval forest. These extracts can help heal chronic and other diseases.

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