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Natale Ferronato does no longer give courses himself and does no longer accept new patients either but if you want to enhance your knowledge of pathophysiognomics you can follow lessons at various naturopathic schools.

Mr. Andreas Halstenberg, co-author of the book "Praxis der Pathophysiognomik", holds courses all over Germany:

Andreas Halstenberg


Liepmannstr. 7A
30453 Hannover

Phone 0049 (0) 177 843 74 84
Web: www.psycho-physiognomik.de

Also Natale Ferronato's former disciple Michael Münch conducts seminars:

Münch Naturheilkunde
Jutta & Michael Münch Naturopaths

D-80992 München-Moosach
Plauener Str.15

D-85375 Neufahrn bei Freising
Vogelweide 2c

Phone 0049 (0) 8165 5104
Fax 0049 (0) 8165 5331
Web: www.muench-naturheilkunde.de

Courses can also be booked with:

Dr. med. Bernhard Froitzheim
Specialist for general medecine
Specialist for industrial medecine
Natural medecine
Environmental medecine

Am Heiligenhaus 7a
D-55122 Mainz

Phone 0049 (0) 6131 38 10 28
Fax 0049 (0) 6131 38 10 38
Web: www.dr-froitzheim.de